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Movement Integration

The human body is designed to move with ease and efficiency through several planes of movement via the over 600 muscles that move our 206 bones. Yet, many of us experience limited range of motion at some point in our lives due to surgery, repetitive movement, injury and emotional distress. When these events happen, we can become 'stuck'.

Think about a knee injury, for example. After the injury it hurts to move, so you do things like immobilize the leg (which may be necessary for a period of time) and walk with a limp to protect the limb from pressure. Your body will actively work to avoid feeling the pain and discomfort which can lead to limited range of motion not only in the knee, but the hip and spine.

Movement Integration (MI) is a modality that I use during every session in some shape or form. I use it as an assessment tool as well as the method to create change. MI uses gentle wavelike movements of the client’s body in coordination with compression and stretching to invoke a state of increased relaxation and freedom of movement.  This method is different than some modalities as it assists in releasing chronic states of tension as it increases flexibility and mobility without painful application.  All movement should be pain free, reminding the mind and body that ease of movement is possible.  Transformation is allowed to happen, not forced.  Off the table, clients receive movement education so they can learn to release tension at any time, reinforcing the work done on the table.

This modality leaves you feeling like you are floating on air - come in and experience the benefits of freedom!

Book your Movement Integration session today at: or call 860-372-5288 for more information.

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