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Who takes care of you?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

As a massage therapist, this is a question that I get asked from time to time. It is essential to my own well being and health to have massage therapists and other health and wellness practitioners that I trust to take care of me. And boy, do I have a team!

My dear friend Amy Dubenetsky, of Body and Beyond in Glastonbury (and my main massage therapist!) did a feature on Facebook about the therapists that she trusts with her care and featured my site as one of her therapists. And I thought, what an amazing idea! This got me to thinking about how we as a society tend to conduct our businesses, keeping ourselves separate from those who do what we do instead of being inclusive, collective and acting from a space of abundance instead of lack. Amy is one of the most inclusive, open and giving people I know and I respect her so much. Thank you for reminding me to live in and act from abundance! She is a therapists that I can totally relax with while receiving body work. She is a true healer. And she is fun! (who says massage therapy has to be solemn? I see her for CranioSacral work, Reiki, deep tissue or any combination in between. Please check her out at

I also exchange regularly with my friend Veronica who is a talented reflexologist. She does not have an active practice, however, last year she taught a workshop on Reflexology here at the office. There are some major construction happenings in my building (including central air conditioning!) , so workshops are on hold at the moment. As soon as the dust settles, look for her on the schedule. You will learn a so much about the fascinating modality that is all about our feet.

I see Melissa Rockwell of Bending Bridges Healing Therapies ( for CranioSacral work. She is a Level 2 CS therapist and teaching assistant and has the most amazing office in North Stonington, CT. She has great intuition and patience with the body, which is crucial for a good CS therapist. I leave her office floating on air!

My acupuncturist is Matt Mennagia of Connecticut Family Acupuncture in Glastonbury, CT ( I see him to assist me with acute or chronic pain, if I am feeling under the weather, or feel like my energy system needs a tune up. I strongly believe that acupuncture is a healing modality that is essential to my overall health and I trust Matt completely.

And self-care can also include hair and styling! My good friend Dana Pastore (find her on Instagram @danapastory) is my friend, hair stylist and image consultant.

I did a photo shoot recently for a friend who is doing a "40 over 40" project. Every outfit has a splash of Dana! She helps me choose items that suite my lifestyle and my own personal taste while also nudging me out of my comfort zone. Looking good on the outside can help you feel good on the inside and boost your confidence, and who couldn't use more of that??

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Please, take good care of yourself. And give a shout out to the people who take care of you!

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