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1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

2. a feeling of trust


1. want something to happen or be the case

Hope can get us through a lot of hard times – it gives us the feeling that something good will come and that we will receive the things we want. I feel that hope is a good thing. Without it, the opposite is despair or resignation.

The challenge for me with the word hope – is that just hoping something will happen is not enough to affect change in our lives. Hope without action is just a nice word that we say to make us feel better. Hope is the start. Action is the piece that is needed to see the results of our hope.

For example, I can’t just hope for world healing and peace – at some point I need to take action to make this reality. But I am just one person, what can I do to affect such a large aspiration? First, I start with myself. I create peace within me – and when I don’t feel so peaceful, I take steps to work through it. I take care of my body and mind, I receive healing through massage, my yoga practice, meditation and Reiki healing energy. I surround myself with people that lift me up AND challenge me to be my best self.

I know peace and healing in my life through Reiki. So, I decided to host monthly Reiki circles, free of charge in my community. I hope that participants will experience peace and healing through these circles; where we all come together and share our energies to affect real change. This concept is not new or unique – I didn’t come up with this. However, I know the impact that this work has had for me and seen/felt, the results in others.

So, I start with me. I share with others. I hope that they take action and share their peace with others. And so on, and so on, causing a ripple affect, like a pebble thrown into a pond. This is how we as a community take the steps to affect great change in the world.

Take action and join me at our next Reiki Circle:

Tuesday, June 19 from 7-8pm

The Hilliard Mills

642 Hilliard Street - Steam Boiler Room, Second Floor

Manchester, CT 06042

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